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I’m a Runner Up for the 2014 @Core77Awards for the Speculative category! #C77DA14

Category : 未分類 · by 9月 15th, 2014

I’ve chosen for the Runner Up for the 2014 @Core77Awards for the Speculative category!

Jury Comments:
This project represents the power of speculative design to identify problems and intensify them through a well thought and delivered scenario. The project touches on the relationship of humans with other non-human animals. It starting point is already of that of otherness, being asked from a non-western, non-male perspective. The questionable idea of giving birth to a non-human engendered animal as a way to deal with human over population and non-human animal extinction is compounded with the proposition of actually eating that very same offspring. The project is well researched and does present an integrating research trajectory that without this speculative design intervention that arguably would never be explored.core77award
Thanks 🙂 Core77, juries  especially Oron and who helped me!


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